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The Radioactive Beat Tape

// ...and after a few years of accumulating dust in his computer, the beats have finally found their way onto a platform where they can accumulate a few streams //

I know this might surprise a lot of people, but I really miss spitting bars and making beats lol. Oh well, fam, for those who may not already know, I use to call myself The Activist once upon a time - which I then later changed to The ProActivist. In as much as I liked writing and spittin lyrics, as well as managing a Hip Hop group called B.Y.O (Building Your Origins) a few years ago, I found myself fiddling with Fruity Loops quite often. To cut the long story short, I had worked on a couple beats over time just for fun, and each year I would forget about them and watch them collect dust on my laptop. Until last night. I figured that I didn't want another year to go by with me not sharing these instrumentals and letting other people hear them, in as much as I don't consider myself a producer/beat-maker since it's not a full time thing.

Anyway, I decided to select what I believe were the top 12 beats I had made, some with the intention of using them as soundtracks to some of the initiatives I run with the blog (hence why some of the tracks are called "Soundtrack"). It's ironic that I called the Beat Tape volume one, because this would imply that there's a second volume in the near future perhaps, but this is also dependent on the feedback I get from this volume. I worked on most of these beats 3 to 5 years ago, but while working on them, I had drawn a lot of inspiration from the likes of J Dilla, Pete Rock and of course, 9th Wonder, and not forgetting Teck Zilla, because these guys are just geniuses when it comes to producing beats. This year, one of my goals was to finally share these beats, and yeah, we'll see what happens (I still want to work on a mixtape or album this year. It's just that the poetry is in high demand - I'm actually working on publishing my debut poetry collection soon, so finally I'll be an author of a physical book. lol). The Radioactive Beat Tape is out and available for streaming only on SoundCloud, because I just want people to listen and just let me know what they vibe with on it. You can stream it here, and don't forget to leave a comment. Do feel free to also share with other Hip Hop heads. Your feedback and criticism would be highly appreciated as always. Don't forget to follow on Twitter / Instagram @2tukani.


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