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Radioactive Poetry Cafe & New Blog

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

// We've finally launched our new blog, as well as a new poetry show #RadioactivePoetryCafe //

Greetings fam. I have finally launched my new site, as well as one of the blog's new initiatives: the #RadioacivePoetryCafe here in Bloemfontein, South Africa (A big thanks goes to Swiss Productions for sponsoring the sound for the event, and our 2 photographers Thulani and Ivan Siminya). I know it's been a while since you've heard from me (just over 9 months), but The Radioactive Blog is back, and it's back with new branding, new initiatives that I'm sure you'll love, plus it's also here to stay. I managed to retain a few articles from my previous site, so do feel free to check them out so that you have an idea of what the blog is all about, as well as who I've written about in the past.

You can check out some of the initiatives that we've been working on throughout the year, such as the Radioactive Poetry Workshops and Giving Poetry Wings via the initiatives tab above. Also don't forget to subscribe to my blog so that you're always kept in the loop on what creatives are up to around the world. One of my favourite initiatives is definitely the Radioactive Poetry Cafe, which will be a monthly poetry show hosted in Bloemfontein (the next event will be in February 2019). Despite the blog not being active online, we still implemented a few projects this year such as the Giving Poetry Wings which was introduced at the Creativate Digital Ats Festival held in Makhanda. In November I'll be publishing a magazine that will feature all the work created by the 20 participants who took part in this project.

I can't wait to share the upcoming articles that I've lined up for you, so do make sure you follow The Radioactive Blog on Facebook and Twitter in order to not miss out. I'll keep you informed about when the 2nd edition of the #RadioactivepPoetryCafe will take place (As well as when the podcast version will be launched). In the mean time, let's keep writing and supporting poetry in our respective communities, and for those in Malawi, I hope to see you this Friday at the Tumaini Festival at the Dzaleka Refugee Camp. #StayBlessed

[Here are some pictures from the #RadioactivePoetryCafe launch]

Photo cred - Thulani Gatsha


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