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Fak'ugesi 2020 Poster Competition

// This competition is open to digital artists and illustrators from across the African continent ; Deadline is the 27th of July //

Wassup wassup fam. Fak'ugesi Festival just opened their annual poster competition, so if you're a digital artist/ illustrator on this continent, make sure that you apply. This year, the festival will power up the resolution of our African Digital Creativity to ignite imaginations, hard-wire local talent, transform digital experiences and secure future livelihoods beyond the face to face. They will also be exploring the power of the smallest unit, the pixel, in order to shape the reality we experience, bridge divides and bring focus to our digital creativity. "Bringing power to the Pixel, we up Africa’s resolution. #POWERTOTHEPIXEL"

"Design an illustrated poster that brings to life this year’s theme ‘Power to the Pixel’. Bring power to your afro-futurist vision and our our iconic use of hands. We invite you to join the list of extraordinary creatives who have brought the vision of the festival alive: Sindiso Nyoni in 2017 , Sonwabo Valashiya in 2018, Leigh Le Roux in 2019 who’s work was digital augmented by poetess Emmah Mabye. The Winning Poster becomes the featured image for 2020, and scores a cash prize. Runners up get exposure through a feature article, profiling and exhibition of entries."

Click here / on the image below to apply. Remember that the deadline is 27 July 2020.


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