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Eclectic Spoken Wordsmiths

// A documentary featuring Tshiamo Malatji, Patience Labane & Kwena Peu //

"Over the past few years, the City of Roses has witnessed a number of poets continue to grow in spite of the challenges they’ve faced, and in this documentary we share a glimpse of the journey of just 3 young and talented poets. These spoken wordsmiths are Tshiamo Malatji, Patience (Ntaoleng) Labane and Kwena Peu, and all create and perform amazing work based on various styles, motives and tastes. They each have unique accomplishments that a lot of artists may resonate with, and upcoming poets can be inspired by in relation to the obstacles they have managed to overcome. The Vrystaat Literature Festival and The Radioactive Blog saw it fit to profile these artists, with hopes that this will be the first of many similar documentaries, and that more audiences will become aware of the young creatives that work in our communities."

Featured poets: Kwena Peu ; Patience Labane ; Tshiamo Malatji

Cinematography: Zita Filmz

Director: Thuthukani Ndlovu

Executive Producers: Vrystaat Kunstefees & The Radioactive Blog


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