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// Catch the latest installation of their annual musical poetry show on 26 Nov 2022 //

Kwena Peu's last performance with the full band format was at the State Theatre for the Youth Expressions Festival earlier this year, and "Dissolving" will be their last offering for the year as it is an annual show. It's definitely an experience you do not want to miss out. Click on/tap the poster below to access the ticket links.

"The 3 most important things to know about me and the show is that, firstly, the show is always a reflection of where I am at as a person and my internal world. I enjoy experimenting with the band, no two shows are the same. Lastly, the show is always a collaboration of so many creatives from a range of mediums and I hope people get to experience and appreciate each layer, they're all carefully picked. Our opening act is quite special, abuti Lesika wa ha Dipholo, a legend in the poetry space, is retiring from the stage so this will be one of his last appearances, it's an honour to have him & I think quite special for those who'll get to experience him on Saturday. " Kwena Peu

"To dissolve is to become one with or to connect, or dissipate into the space one is in. As a concept for this production, to dissolve also refers to the process of filtering out all that has been identified as burdensome and of hindrance to one’s well being. It refers to filtering out habits which stand in one’s way of progression in life, particularly to one’s psycho-spiritual space."

Follow Kwena Peu on Facebook , Instagram and check out his YouTube channel . I'll definitely be at the event, so I hope to see you there too. Look out for a ticket give away that we will be running on The Radioactive Blog social media accounts. Peace!

An excerpt of "We Are Here" - Watch full video here


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