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PUO - Episode 01 Available Online

// A new poetry hub that brings to the fore the best of Africa’s new & established spoken word artists //

Wassup wassup fam. The 12th of December marked the inception of a new poetry hub "PUO", and they released the first episode for their first season with Mduzuzi “Meth” Mahlangu interviewing an international performance poet, author, voice-over artist and host of PUO, Emmah Mabye. This is an initiative of Emmah brought to you by Hayani Creative Management in Partnership with The South African State Theatre.

"Puo, meaning speech, is a hub that brings the best of Africa’s new and established spoken word artists to the fore. It’s a platform that showcases talented individuals across the African continent who are making great strides and creating a global footprint through their respective performance work. It is is the go-to platform that marries performance (entertainment) and business know-how (education) in the arts" (Emmah Mabye).

She got to share more of her journey on her debut poetry collection Clocking In – thus clocking into one’s spirit, soul and body – through poetry. I've been privileged to have read the amazing book, & I enjoyed the first episode of the show. I really look forward to the next episodes they have lined up for next year, so I've already subscribed to their YouTube channel (here). You can watch the first episode below, as well as her performance of the poem "Motherless". Follow PUO on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (@Puo_Poetry), and also follow Emmah Mabye on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter . Let us know what you think of the first episode in the comments.


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