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WeAreVr.Jozi Season 2 - Episode 5

// This is a monthly virtual meetup; Tonight's theme is "Immersive Audio" //

Wassup wassup. I hope you guys are all well. Today there's a virtual meetup being hosted by WeAreVR - Jozi that you can be a part of. If you've ever wondered about what's happening and who's who within the Jozi VR community (and other cool stakeholders from different backgrounds), then this is definitely something you should not miss.

WeAreVR showcases the latest in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 360 video. Each month they feature a number of exciting projects and the people that make them a (virtual) reality. Events like tonight will give you the awesome opportunity to VIRTUALLY meet other artists, techies, developers, designers, makers, creators, entrepreneurs, and engineers under a single DIGITAL SPACE. You can find more information here and join the WeAreVR.Jozi meetup through the following URL:

Please note that the virtual doors open at 17:00 CAT, and the speakers start at 18:00. If it's your first time attending (and using AltSpace), then make sure you start creating your account and installing the necessary application 30 to 40 minutes before the event begins. Click on the image below to find out more on how you can attend free live events and meet up with people in VR. I know you're gonna love it. #StayBlessed


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