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Tumaini Festival 2022

// Malawi's biggest annual gathering is around the corner //

Wassup fam. I hope your week has been better than mine so far. Good news is that Tumaini Festival is around the corner, but the sad news is that I won't be able to attend the festival this year. Kinda sucks because I had to cancel my trip last minute due to a few significant changes that have taken place, but none the less, I'm sure the festival will be AWESOME! So, If you're in Malawi, or if you're able to travel to Malawi over the next few days, make sure you attend this unique and extraordinary event from 3rd -5th November, 2022.

You can't afford to miss the festival's 8th edition at Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Dowa district. They have a great line up of artists and programs, and it is guaranteed to be worth your time and money. It's definitely one of my favorite music, arts and cultural festivals promoting peaceful coexistence and intercultural harmony, and I had a great time in 2019 when I travelled with the first Radioactive Collective.

Tumaini Festival intends to advocate for and raise awareness about refugee rights, uniting people from different backgrounds and promoting constructive conversations. One of my favorite initiatives is the Tumaini Home Stay Program. "This is not about providing a hotel or luxurious experience, but welcoming the guests and making them a part of your everyday life, building a connection and sharing the culture and lifestyle within Dzaleka Refugee Camp during Tumaini festival. The program is open to local and international guests, and provides a unique experience for a social project, that provides the guest an insight into the shelter, lifestyle, and culture within the Dzaleka Refugee Camp. This project aims to shift the attitude and negative perception people have towards refugees, by creating connections between guests and host families."

You can find out more info about this annual music and arts celebration via their website and also follow them on social media @TumainiFestival.

Check out the Festival's ad below, and stay blessed fam.


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