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#SWEBibleChallenge is back

//Our Spoken Word of Elohim Bible Challenge is back, an this month we're reading the book of Proverbs//

Wassup wassup fam. I hope you are all well. I got great news. Today marks the first day of the #SWEBibleChallenge which is one of the initiatives we started in 2017 as part of our Spoken Word of Elohim program. We've decided to start with the book of Wisdom "Proverbs"and hope that this will prepare us for the next challenge in April (We'll be reading the book of Psalms, and that will require us to read 5 chapters a day for the entire a month). So with that being said, today we are reading and sharing Proverbs chapter 1.

For those not familiar with #SWE, here's a bit of info (that's also available on our Initiatives page: Spoken Word of Elohim - #SWE started of as an anthology with it's main purpose being to provide a platform for Christian artists from different backgrounds to share their work on the same platform. This anthology can still be read online or downloaded for free, and there was also a version of the publication in braille. We then realised that we needed to create a more tangible platform that could accommodate more artistic disciplines, therefore we decided to start #SpokenWordofElohim. It is now a poetry show that accommodates Christian music, literature and performance theatre. The shows are hosted in Bloemfontein, South Africa, and aim to create intimate spaces where Christian based art can be shared and received.

Due to the initiative being inactive as we are still looking for a venue and coordinator to run the show, we have the #SWEBibleChallenge that doesn't require the same logistics as the event. Some of the objectives of the challenge are: To create an online platform using the hashtag for Christians to share what they've learnt/ their revelations from the scriptures they read each day (as well read what other participants have to share as well) ; To promote a reading culture among Christians ; To spread the Gospel of Christ on social media more often. The beauty of the challenge is that it's not restricted to one location, so in the past we've had participants from different countries taking part in the challenge. We encourage those who want to take part to register (like you), so that we have an idea of how many people are actually taking part in the challenge in our records. It's not a must, so if you have a friends and family that want to take part, you're more than welcome to invite them.

With all this being said, we hope that you have fun and also learn a lot from the challenge. In order to make it as interesting and interactive, we encourage the following:

  • Please share what you've read / understood on social media using the hashtag #SWEBibleChallenge. We'll also b sharing our insights every day of the challenge. It's not mandatory, but we also don't want to keep such great information to ourselves, especially with the rise in false prophets becoming the new trend on social media. The book of Proverbs has so much Wisdom, there's bound to be at least one scripture/verse that you would want to share with everyone. You can also share what you've read on your Whatsapp status as well.

  • You'll also be able to engage with what other people have shared via the hashtag either on Facebook or Twitter. This makes the tag a platform for not only those participating to learn and share what they've learnt or understand from the scriptures read, but also those who roam through social media streets to get an insight into God's word.

  • We know the deadline for registering has passed, but we can give leeway of up to a week (that is, until the 8th of March) to formerly register. Those who haven't registered can still participate, and we encourage them to also share their journey on social media. You can register by emailing your social media handles to .

And that's about it. We hope that this challenge is beneficial to you, and we believe it will be worth your time. All the best, and if you skip a day, don't give up. Just try not to skip more than one day. Don't hesitate to share the challenge with friends, family, home-cell members, and with anyone you know who may be interested. I'll be sharing my feedback on the challenge on my personal Facebook Account and Twitter Account, so do feel free to check out my timeline. #GodBless


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