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State of the Art Gallery Award

// Entries should be submitted online before 30 June 2020 //

Greetings fam. It's been a crazy few weeks, but we just have to continue to stand in solidarity and hope that the global crisis we find ourselves in comes to an end sooner than later. With that being said, I hope you've all been safe. For today's feature, I would like to share an opportunity for South African artists.

"The State of the ART Gallery Award is a visual arts prize for emerging South African artists - as well as the upcoming solo exhibition of 2019 winner of the Award, Balekane Legoabe. The Award is open for entries until 30 June and the entry process is completely online and free of charge, encouraging young artists who have not had exposure for their work in the visual arts scene to be discovered. The winner receives a R20 000 cash prize and a solo exhibition with State of the ART Gallery in 2021. You can visit the website at for more info. Last year’s winner is Pretoria based artist Balekane Legoabe who will present her solo exhibition titled ‘What It Feels Like To Be In Water’ between 18 June 2020 - 04 July 2020 in an online virtual space. Using digital collage, sound art and animation, Legoabe explores issues of mental health, the relationship between hope and despondence, and creates an audio-visual experience to communicate both difficult and happy emotions: the waves and the stillness of the waters of life."

Please note that they are only accepting submissions from entrants who are permanently resident in South Africa, aged 18 to 35, and who have not yet held a solo exhibition with a commercial gallery. Local judges will choose finalists whose work will go on show in a group exhibition at our Cape Town gallery in September 2020 for a final round of judging. There's no participation fee, and entries will be assessed on a variety of criteria. Their aim is to find artists with a unique 'signature' within a South African context; to showcase artists whose work shows significant potential, who have interesting ideas, a relevant message and who demonstrate skillful execution. All entrants are required to submit three works to the following theme: "On the Brink: Visualising Climate Change". So if you're an artist and fit the criteria of what they are looking for (please apply here)/ know someone who should apply, please share this information with them ASAP. To get more info about the competition theme, rules, hints and tips, click here . To find out more about the upcoming solo exhibition by Balekane Legoabe "What It Feels Like To Be In Water", click on the artwork below.

That's about it from me for now. All the best with your application. You can find me on the social media streets at @2tukani , & don't forget to subscribe to this site. Peace!!


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