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Kwena Peu - Rejuvenation

// "A cross-pollination of artistic mediums ; an audio-visual experience in Bloem" //

Prepare to be swept away on a mesmerizing journey of boundless creativity and sensory exploration, with the extraordinary production of "REJUVENTION." This groundbreaking spectacle defies conventional boundaries, seamlessly fusing together various artistic mediums, into an unforgettable audio-visual odyssey that will leave you breathless.

At the heart of this extraordinary experience lies the captivating synergy between poetry and live music, expertly orchestrated by a phenomenal 13-piece band that transcends the boundaries of traditional performance, led by Kwena Peu. The pieces are accompanied by works from visual artists "His and her Artistic Perspective" and Mosiuoa Thulo. The show features musician/poet Flex of (He and I).

For those familiar with Kwena's amazing work and previous events, you will know how to prepare yourself for an immersive experience like no other as "REJUVENTION" unfolds before our eyes and ears. This event is no ordinary cross-pollination of artistic mediums, but a unique world where art transcends its traditional confines, where words and melodies converge to create an atmosphere of sheer wonder and transcendence. Allow yourself to be enveloped by a symphony of poetic verses, breathtaking melodies, and stunning visual landscapes that will ignite your imagination and leave an indelible mark on your artistic soul. I already have my tickets, so make sure you get yours ASAP.

Date & Time: Saturday 24 June 2023 @ 18h00

Venue: Andre Huguenet Theatre, 1st Avenue, Bloemfontein Central, Bloemfontein

Tickets: can be purchased via web tickets/ click here / click image below.


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