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Reconnecting Pangaea

// Digital Media in Africa - Documentary Screening and Discussion, taking place at the University of the Free State, Bloemfontein //

Wassup fam. I hope that you've enjoyed your Easter weekend. If you are in Bloemfontein on the 29th of April, then this is an event that you should not miss. #ReconnectingPangaea is an online documentary series that casts a spotlight on #Africans using the #internet to make money, fight for social causes, innovate and better their lives. Africa's #Digital #Tech revolution is the theme on which they will kick start a continent wide conversation on how to use #DigitalMedia to #Archive #Monitise #Ownership #DigitalContent through the lens of fellow #AfricanYouth.

Bataung Qhotsokoane is a Bloemfontein based Digital Marketing Strategist at Jonorex Digital Solutions , and Bokang Sibolla is a Joburg based Documentary Producer (and Algorithm Hacker). For those who may not be familiar with Jonorex Digital Soltuions, it's a social media agency & digital content creator that imprint business & professional objectives onto interactive digital marketing content. They take advantage of the opportunities and spaces within the Digital Economy. With a focus in Social Media Marketing & Digital Content Marketing, Jonorex creates interactive digital content (Images,GIFs,Videos,Memes) to facilitate better awareness and conversations between, business and their potential customers on digital platforms. Jonorex also provides digital skills education workshops and seminars for SMMEs, NGOs, Co-operatives and Social Entrepreneurs to grow their work & business online.

With all that being said, this is guaranteed to be a thought provoking event that will hopefully inspire more youth to tap into the endless possibilities that the digital world provide (including ones that we can create). The narrative of most creative industries in Africa have been told predominantly through foreign lens, and there are many reasons for this, however it's great to see more Africans taking initiative in documenting our own stories. One of the things I really like the most about this event is that there will be a discussion after everyone watches the documentary, so this provides people with a chance to share what they know, especially in terms of skills and knowledge that pertains to the Digital and Creative industry. If you are in Bloem, please make sure that you do come through. You can find more information on the Facebook Event page here. The Radioactive Blog will definitely be there, because we love supporting creatives who are not just putting in the work, but also creating dope content and great platforms that contribute towards the growth of the Creative industry. If you're not in town during the event, but know someone that could really benefit from it, please don't hesitate to share the poster and event info with them. The event will be held at the University of the Free State in Bloem (Equitas Auditorium) from 3pm to 5pm. I hope to see you there, and just as a side note, after the event we'll be heading for this month's edition of #RadioactivePoetryCafe at 59 Plenty. So with that being said, there's no reason for you to be bored on Monday the 29th of April. Tell a friend to tell a friend, and let's continue to find/ create ways that we can benefit from Digital media and digital tools. @2tukani


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