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Radioactive Poetry 1.5

// Latest Poetry videos by Angelyric , Nthabiseng JahRose Jafta , Mbali Malimela //

Angela "Angelyric" Mthembu

Wassup wassup fam. I hope you are all well. Today's poetry feature's gonna be nice and brief, as we'll be sharing 3 recent poetry videos that were released by 3 amazing South African spoken word artists. It's great to see artists continue to produce work during these challenging times.

The first poetry video is "YOUR CROWNING GLORY", a collaboration piece between freelance illustrator Rio_blve and spoken word artist Angelyric. It tells a story about woman and the power they have within themselves. It rewrites the story of Medusa from one of villain to one of victor and victim. The second poetry video is by Nthabiseng JahRose Jafta and it's called "MmaTlhaho", which is a tribute to the worthy of all women. The 3rd and final video you'll watch is "UKUSA" by Mbali Malimela featuring Nontokozo Mkhize, which is a dedication to all the lost lovers.

Thank you for taking the time to watch these 3 poetry videos. Please drop a comment and let us know what you liked about each poem. Don't forget to follow the poets on their respective social media pages: Angelyric (Instagram , Facebook page , PG 13) ; JahRose (Instagram , Facebook page) ; Mbali Malimela (Instagram ; Facebook page). You should also subscribe to their YouTube channels so that you stay updated with regards to their next releases. If you know anyone else interested in this content, don't hesitate to share this link with them.

That's it from me today, let's connect on Twitter @2tukani. Stay blessed fam.


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