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Radioactive HipHop 1.4

// Featuring: The Holstar ; B.O.M ; AWA KHIWE //

Wassup wassup fam. Muli bwanji? I'm back with another dose of Radioactive Hip Hop for you so I hope you're ready. We got 3 rappers reppin 3 different countries today.

To start things off, we're gonna head over to Zambia and talk about Holstar's latest album. "Kupeleka Nyali Ya Moto" is his 5th album and it's about Pan Africanism, Love and the youth. This album features some of Zambia's best vocal talents, Rappers and Producers - it was also mixed and mastered by Zambia's best sound engineer Paul Kruz. Holstar also brought in some amazing talent from Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Malawi. It was difficult for me to choose my top 3 faves because there's a number of dope jams on it, but anyway, my top 3 are "Dutu Mupengo" featuring Soko Matemai, "Plenty" featuring Solomon Plate & Synik, and "Afropolitan" featuring Maka (Special mention to the track "LSK OG" featuring Muzo Zarahni). The whole album is such a vibe, and I love the Afro vibe sound which speaks towards Pan Africanism as one of the main themes. It's easy to hear how even the beat selection not only compliments that overall themes but also the dope content delivered by the proud Zambian rapper and Hip Hop Historian.

It's important to also highlight that the various languages featured in the album also give it that eclectic energy and taste. Those who are familiar with The Holstar's previous work will be aware of his passion for working with and promoting different talented African artists, so it's cool to see that this is something he is still pushing. On this note, I would like to reiterate something he tweeted recently: "Support your favorite artists by doing TikTok challenges / reels on Facebook/Instagram with all their songs". The album "Kupeleka Nyali Ya Moto" features Maka, Muzo Zarahni, Kaladoshas, Jayqe, Thanel, Young Willy, Killa, Soko Matemai, Luwizzy, Olimba, Solomon Plate, Synik, Natasha Chansa, Kim Of Diamonds, Nya Uyu, Dominant 1 & Tim. You can listen to the album on Audiomack / purchase on Mvesesani / check out other streaming & purchasing platforms. I'm going to ask my crush to listen to "Plenty" because I think she'll like it. lol I literally had the joint on repeat while typing this article. You can click on the images below to stream / purchase the album, & I've included the "Dutu Mupengo" lyric video below for you to check out (When Zambian Hip Hop Meets Zimbabwean Hip Hop!). Don't forget to put the volume on 100.

Next up, we gonna come through to SA, right here in Bloemfontein and catch up with B.O.M who dropped "The Feeling" freestyle not so long ago. This is the fourth single from "Theirs: an E.P", where B.O.M nonchalantly talks about his focus and how that sets him apart from the rest of the industry. The song is a cover of the Mac Miller song "Fight the feeling" (RIP to Mac Miller). With references of "set it off" and one of its titular cast members Jada Pinkett Smith he not only talks about but demonstrates how he snaps when an instrumental is ever turned on. This comes after he dropped Charlie just under a month ago, which is another jam you should give a listen to. You can listen to "The Feeling" freestyle here / click the image below. This is probably my favorite joint by B.O.M to date, so I can't wait to listen to the whole E.P when it's out. He rocked one verse and made sure that he definitely did justice to the beat, but I'll let you be the verdict and listen to it. Be sure to also check out some of his other tracks.

Moving on to our last but not least feature for this article, let's catch up with the Zimbabwean Ndebele Rap Queen, AWA KHIWE and her latest single. As usual, I try to bring you Hip Hop with different sounds, styles and flavors, because there are so many rappers making dope music and putting in the work every time they get behind the mic, and she is no exception. AWA KHIWE & Ghanaian Stallion met in 2016 at the Africa Festival in Cologne and they have been working together ever since. “Ngeke Bengimele” is the first song they released together, and the song can be translated as “They can’t handle me”. On this Ghanaian Stallion produced banger, AWA praises her rap skills and marks her territory as the Queen of Ndebele Rap. She also addressed misogyny in the hip hop industry and announced her comeback. I'm definitely not the only one waiting for her to drop a full project, so I guess we'll just have to be patient.

If you've heard AWA KHIWE 's music before, then I'm sure you know that she never disappoints. A big shout out to the team behind the video and music production as well: The joint was produced & recorded by Ghanaian Stallion, Mix & Mastered by Kabuki, Directed by Yaw “Dpiction44” Dee and the Video animation was done by Bobbie Serrano. You can listen and watch her perform her latest single below.

That's all I got for now. Thank you for taking time to read this article, and I hope you enjoyed listening to the amazing music that these artists have created. Do make sure you stream, purchase and subscribe to their platforms and music. I can guarantee you that you will not be disappointed. Feel free to drop a comment on your feedback on the songs and album featured in this article, and don't forget to share the article with friends and fam, especially if they enjoy Hip Hop. Stay blessed and safe fam, and let's connect on Twitter @2tukani . Don't forget to subscribe to this website. Peace.


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