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Radioactive HipHop 1.3

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

// Featuring: Dumi Right ; Rap Radio Africa ; Naboth RIZLA //

Wassup wassup fam. I hope you good. It's the first Monday of 2021, and we're already onto the first Radioactive Hip Hop article for the year. To kick things off, I'll talk about Dumi Right who dropped a single not so long ago called " This is my calling" and he's got another joint in the pipelines that you should be on the look out for (Thin Line, featuring Prowess). We'll then move on to Rap Radio Africa and then end the article with the The Naboth Rizla Experience.

This Is My Calling is a single by Dumi Right feat. Nathaniel Star (Listen/Buy here), produced by SeoulCity and mixed by OtoZen. He dropped the single last year in November and I love everything about this jam, from the beat, to the verses and the chorus. It speaks to his journey through his music career, from chasing dreams, taking chances, overcoming obstacles but never giving up, even when the challenges seemed insurmountable. Dumi described the song as "truly the realest song I ever wrote". It's something that will definitely inspire you to find out what your calling is, and hopefully pursue it with the knowledge that you will have to overcome certain challenges along the way. Dumi Right is on the verge of dropping his first single for 2021 called "The Line featuring Prowess", produced by Mobius VanChocStraw and you can listen to a snippet of it by clicking on the artwork by Athi below (bottom right). You can click on the "This is my calling" art cover on the bottom left to also purchase or stream the track, and don't forget to share the music with other friends and family.

We're now gonna move on to some news about 2 internet radio stations, and on this note, I would like to congratulate Rap Radio Africa on turning 5 today. Here's what the fam from Africa's first internet rap station had to say on their socials today:

"At around this same time, on January 4th 2016, #RapRadioAfrica was birth. The 4-year old radio show #RapRadio grew & became the Internet radio station with our new 2021 slogan, “We Are Not A Radio”! Three months after the day we birth, ChuckD reached out to us to collab which was a beautiful partnership while it lasted. Peace & respect to you, living legend, always. Massive boom to my amiable partner, Mr. Smith your G is unquestionable, fam. Growth is imminent. This is that year!

To all the real emcees rocking Africa right with true love, real illness, true dopeness, originality, character & integrity, we see you from the North to Southern Africa, from the West to Eastern Africa. You really rule. You are the real bosses. Na una be the real ogas. We are hear for you. Your due is coming. To the legendary @lyricistlounge mothership Anthony Marshall & Danny Castro our love & respect for you & 30-year old #LyricistLounge brand is supercallifrajilistic.

A specific, special love-shout to all our spouses who support the selfless work, y’all are the real MVPs. Shouts to our Telegram group “Kings & Queens” & the amazing listeners who take the time to tune-in (making up our over 10,000 monthly listeners) who engage with us on social media, advice, counsel, call, mail & support us; we are eternally grateful. Together we can.

To all the fakers, the hardcore one-liners who’s unwavering selfish stand stands in the way of others growth, the wanksters, the overtly wack, the intellectual property thieves in HipHop, to all the ones who’s sold their souls for a plate of porridge, who are one thing in the daytime & another thing when its dark at others’ detriment; smell your roses too. Smell it hard. HipHop knows you.

There’s still so much to do.

Peace, love & nappy-ness!

This is a really great achievement, and I can only wish them more success in the following years to come. They really been putting in the work and making great strides while pushing and promoting the "Hip Hop Kutlure" I really look forward to seeing how the brand will have grown over the next few years. You can find all their links to their work and socials here / click on any of the 2 images below.

As this article draws close to the end, we're now gonna get to the Naboth Rizla Experience. I recently managed to touch base with Naboth RIZLA, and it's always great chatting to him because he's one of the few people that have been consistently grinding in the industry since day one. The brother is now an author, which is pretty cool, & you can buy his debut book "Selling Out Without Selling Out: A Musician's Guide to Airplay & Sustainability" here. It's a book you gotta get your hands on fam.

Naboth decided to start the new year the right way with one of our angels now watching over us for 2021 (RIP King Cal Vin). We all miss the king, and Naboth came through on ZANJ Radio with a King Cal_Vin tribute which you can listen to here / via clicking the image above. Some of my favorite jams by the Luveve boy were featured in the tribute, but I'll let you listen to the show so that I don't spoil it for you. It's definitely great to see different stakeholders in the industry paying their tributes through music as well. You can catch the Naboth RIZLA Experience live on Saturdays from 3pm CAT or 8am -5UTC (Jamaica) via live-stream on If you're interested in buying Naboth's book and you're in Zimbabwe, then you can purchase via Ecocash, Telecash, 1wallet & Vpayments here . The book is also available on AMAZON. It is all about how artists can get radio airplay, online sales, make money from music and the opportunities their brands create and more. Since Naboth is from Zimbabwe, he made sure to make it relevant for Zimbabwean Musician's but the content can be used globally since Music is universal. He used his personal 15 year experience to share some information that he feels can add on to any Musician's career to make it MORE SUSTAINABLE! You can buy the book here.

That's about if for today fam. I hope you enjoy the Hip Hop, and lets connect on the socials @2tukani. Stay safe and blessed, until we meet again online.


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