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My Poetic Collage is now out

// The 1st South African published poetry collection that features Augmented Reality //

My Poetic Collage is a book of poems by the Radioactive Blog creative director and Vrystaat Literature Festival assistant coordinator, Thuthukani Ndlovu. It offers a fascinating journey and insight to his mind and heart, as well as an incredible synergy between Literature, Digital Art, Augmented Reality (AR) and Ambisonics. The book cover is a direct reflection of the title, and speaks to most of the themes covered in the book. He self-published the book through Poetree Publications, and worked with the Artivive to develop the AR poems and images. The book is already on it's second, 1 week after being launched.

Photo cred: Ivan Siminya

Thuthukani uses AR to create new dimensions of art by linking classical with digital art, as well as literature and spoken word; this is not new to those who are familiar with some of the initiatives he hosts such as “Giving Poetry Wings”. The digital layers in the book open the doors to a whole new world of possibilities, while taking readers on a journey, giving a different dimension of some of the poems, or complementing the poems with visuals and audio recordings. This book can be unlocked by any smartphone or tablet with the Artivive App, and offers an extended and emotional experience to Thuthukani’s work.

Thuthukani - more popularly known as “TK”- is a Zimbabwean creative, currently completing his Honours degree in Marketing at the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein, South Africa. His passion for writing, performing and promoting poetry and digital art, while curating AR exhibitions is evident in the work he has done through his blog. His performance journey spans across Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Zambia, Malawi and South Africa. Through his work with the blog, he received the “2019 Word n Sound Innovation in Poetry award”, and aims to continue developing innovative ways to contribute to the development, consumption and promotion of art and literature within the creative economy in Africa.

My Poetic Collage, TK’s debut poetry collection was launched on 28 September 2020 (Watch here), as part of the Vrystaat Literature Festival online programme, “Vryspaak Digitaal”. 3 lucky winners who pre-ordered the book, each received 3 different poetry books, a Muga Muga handmade pendant and 250g of Grinda Coffee Co courtesy of The Radioactive Blog.


Cost: R150 (Excluding delivery)

Order the book via / Fill in this “MPC Form

Full link:

For more info, contact: +27822677867 // // @2tukani (Twitter & Instagram) / #MyPoeticCollage

FAQ 1: What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is an interactive experience that presents you with a real environment that has been enhanced or altered by computer-generated information. Using a smartphone camera or a similar piece of technology, it allows you to experience the real world with additional data or images overlaid on top of it in the form of three-dimensional holograms, interactive models, or text. (Nextechar)

FAQ 2: How do I scan the AR?

Step 1: Install Artivive App via Google Place Apple App store

Step 2: Scan the book cover (or selected images in the book) using the Artivive app

NB: The app is free for download

You can scan the book cover to view the Augmented Reality ad.


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