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DICE Artist Commission

// Opportunity for 6 artists to illustrate a text about a DICE programme //

"If we want to rewrite economics, we need to redraw its pictures too, because we stand little chance of telling a new story if we stick to the old illustrations."

Kate Raworth, Doughnut Economics:

Seven Ways to Think Like a 21st-Century Economist

Greetings. The British Council is looking to commission six artists to illustrate a text about the Developing Inclusive and Creative Economies - DICE programme by Professor JP Singh. The text is an academic review of international development and cultural relations – please find a summary in Annex 3 (click here to access the file).

Their aim is to bring Professor Singh's work to life visually for readers interested in the role of, and connections between, arts, entrepreneurship, the Sustainable Development Goals, cultural relations and international development. They intend to select one artist from each of the following countries to undertake the commission: Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, South Africa and the UK.


  • a briefing and dialogue with the DICE Team and Professor JP Singh and the other five artists who have been commissioned (from the other DICE countries).

  • further discussion about the text with the six artists to explore what aspects they would be interested in visualizing - both as a group and individually.

  • two rounds of submissions from the artist – with feedback provided by the DICE team.

  • publication of your work in the text. The full report and visualisations will be shared widely with the international development community, arts commissioners and investors, and the British Council networks.

The budget available for each artist’s commission is £450 – £2,500. This includes the time spent in the briefing session, two rounds of artistic submissions and the cost of materials. For more information about the artists and how you can apply, please visit:


12 January 2021, 11.30am GMT: Briefing (opportunity to hear more about this commission and ask our team questions) - Click here to join this meeting

13 January 2021: Deadline for clarification questions (Clarification Deadline)

19 January 2021: British Council to respond to clarification questions

25 January 2021: Deadline for submission of Proposals by potential suppliers (Response Deadline)

3 February 2021: Final decision

5 February 2021: Contracts concluded with winning suppliers

8 February 2021: Contract start date

All the best with your application.


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