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DCMA 2019

//From the 18th to the 20th of March, we hosted the Digital Creativity meets Art program in Bloemfontein, and this is what was produced during the workshops//

Greetings fam. I hope that you are well. For this article I've decided to feature the work that was created during the Digital Creativity meets Art - DCMA program we hosted last month through the assistance of INFINI3 and the National Arts Council.

We hosted the DCMA workshops from the 18th to the 20th of March 2019, and the selected participants (consisting of poets, visual and digital artists) were divided into 2 groups, of which they would then later be tasked with creating new themed work as a collective. They would also then receive information as to how they work with different artistic disciplines, with more focus on the digital aspect and looking at past work created by participants from Giving Poetry Wings. The 2 themes that inspired the poems and artworks were “Human Rights” and “Gender Based Violence” . We chose these themes in order to show and encourage artists on how they can create work that is relevant to current affairs, thus playing a role as social activists through their art, whether they do art as a hobby or profession.We would really like to thank all the participants and stakeholders (inclusive of the Adelaid Tambo Public Library) for their involvement in this program, and like all our previous programs, it would be unfair of us not to share the work that was produced as well as a few images of how the workshops went.

Some of the objectives of the program were as follows: Ignite creative and innovative thinking ; Create networking opportunities ; Encourage collaborations & Create platform / opportunities for local poets and visual artists. These are the following participants that took part in the DCMA program: (Poets) Ntaoleng Labane , Siphelele Khaphetshu, Lesego Mongale, Loyiso Dongo, Monicca Mashele, Mxolisi Cassius Mabuya, Tshepho Mpebe, Nontobeko Msimango ; (Digital Artist) Eitan Louw ; (Visual Artists) Mzwandile Mboyi, Teboho Mokhothu, Xolani Mkweta, Phenyo Pino and Gilbert Moilwa. We might be having a second exhibition in Bloemfontein where we exhibit these artworks so be on the look out for that, and we'll definitely keep you informed in due time. We really want to thank the Adelaide Tambo Public Library for providing the space for these artists to work together in collaboratively creating new themed work. The workshops were definitely a great learning & working experience.

Digital Creativity meets Art participants 2019

The above images were mostly the digital images that were printed on canvas. The following images were created by the visual artists who also took part in DCMA. You'll be able to read the poems that inspired the artworks on our Facebook page, so that you get a sense as to where the artists drew their inspiration from.

To conclude this article, I have some really good news for you. We will be hosting the second edition of Giving Poetry Wings this year once again in Makhanda at the upcoming Creativate Digital Arts Festival. On this note, please do look out for the call for applications as we'll be sharing more info on how you can be a part of it this year. I'll also be sharing an article that will feature the work that was created last year with hopes that it will inspire you to apply (we hadn't featured the results of those workshops because we did not have the website running by then). This year we're looking to take a step further in terms of going digital, so you definitely don't want to miss out on what we have in store. Don't forget to leave a comment on this article and let us know which artwork you like the most (also feel free to share the article with other creatives). With that being said, stay blessed and let's keep on being creative.


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