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  • Lindubuhle Mogaswane

Ask Mam' Phyllis

// A great opportunity to learn from the Artistic Director of Sibikwa Arts Center //

Art in the olden days was one of the most underrated professions; artists had to fight twice as hard to make a name for themselves regardless of their authenticity. Well if you ever wondered how they managed to make ends meet in the industry, “Ask Mam Phyllis” has all the answers to your questions.

Just like everything else, art is evolving with technology and for some it’s not as easy to adapt. Let’s hear what the arts veteran Phyllis Klotz has to say about maintaining the originality of your craft infused with the new modern methods.

She is the Artistic Director of Sibikwa Arts Centre, and she wants to connect with you. Throughout the years, she has become a walking arts encyclopedia and wants to make her knowledge accessible to you with just a click away. So, go ahead, ask Mam’Phyllis anything regarding vocational training, arts administration, touring, and fundraising and she will personally answer you. She is offering you her expertise, free of charge, so go ahead, take advantage! You can send your questions to or via Whatsapp to 0797062394. We've provided some of the answers to the questions that have been submitted so far (the 3 videos below), and we'll be sharing the answers to more of your questions every Thursday. - Lindubuhle Mogaswane

You can find out more info about Sibikwa Arts Centre here.


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