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S'nazo's debut album - I AM GOLD

// Have you listened to S'nazo's soulful album? //

Wassup fam. Hope you all good, soaking in the remaining days of the year, and getting ready for 2023. While you wind down, it's imperative to ensure that your music playlists are up to date with some of the great music that has been released this year, so it only make sense for me to talk about S'nazo's debut album "I AM GOLD".

After delighting the Free State community with a series of breathtaking performances, S'nazo finally released her first full soulful project on the 9th of December 2022. I was one of the privileged audience members to witness her flaunting her musical gift this year, from spaces such as Swiss Productions Studios to the Civic Theater in Bloem. She released a few singles before dropping her 11 track album that's available on all major streaming platforms. You can stream the album on Spotify here.

My top 3 favorite tracks on the album are "Sondela", then "Come back to me" followed by "Rato La Ka" (I must say that it was difficult to choose between this one and "Ngikhathele" as well as "Love of my life"). "Sondela" has to be most people's favorite, and if you've seen her perform this song live then you must be nodding your head in agreement while reading this. This song is a beautiful gem. A more laid back song is "Come back to me", that will trigger your heart to start reminiscing about that one soul that still has keys to your heart. lol Don't say I didn't warn you. The second track on the album is "Rato La Ka" which I'm ready to send to my next girlfriend. In fact, while typing this article I decided that the dj at my wedding should have this song (and a few more from S'nazo's album) on his or her playlist. I really enjoyed how she effectively communicates different facets associated with love, and it's quite evident that she really poured herself into this album.

The overall composition and production of the album is impeccable, and captures S'nazo's amazing and golden voice very well. Shout out to the production team and everyone that has played a role in creating this much needed album (not only for those in relationships, but also for those hopeless romantic single people - yes we see you). The album is available on all streaming platforms, and you can listen to it on Spotify here. Feel free to let me know your favorite songs from the album in the comment section of this article, and don't forget to subscribe. Follow S'nazo on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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